Grow your global audience with award-winning AI dubbing

Lifelike AI voices, perfected by real translators
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Used by the world's biggest companies:
“The increase in views, watch time, and subscribers since we’ve been working with Papercup to automate the dubbing of our content has been astounding.”
Tony Manfred, Head of Video at Insider

Why Papercup?

Increase revenue with multiple languages

We dub your video content into languages that get you the best ROI.

Simple and cost effective scaling of your content

Say goodbye to DIY and let us help you meet the demands of global audiences.

The high quality that your audiences are used to

Our AI voices match with your brand’s emotional context and style.
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28x more views

on Papercup dubbed videos vs subtitles

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Lifelike AI voices

We use data from real actors to produce voices so real that audiences can’t tell them apart from the real thing.
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Expert translators

Our team of expert translators check and adjust the accuracy, tone and delivery of the dubbed audio, within rapid AI dubbing turnaround times.
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End-to-end management

The process is managed by a dedicated team of localization experts, including account managers who have worked on some of the world’s biggest dubbing projects.
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Fast and cost effective

It’s 4x faster and up to 80% less expensive to dub your videos with AI, all while maintaining the quality of your brand.
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AI dubbing for YouTube

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AI dubbing for streaming

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AI dubbing for enterprise

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