Making the world's videos watchable in any language.

We’re dubbing videos faster than a cheetah on steroids. Our text-to-speech models are so realistic that they make Siri sound like a robot on helium.

We’re for content owners striving to increase reach, but tired of the expensive and time-consuming localization methods of old.

Our AI voices

In 2017, we set out to solve an enormous problem – that 99% of video is locked in a single language. We built something that had never existed before: a model that could translate people’s voices into other languages.

That ambitious idea evolved into the Papercup of today: a company that empowers Sky News, Insider, Jamie Oliver, Cinedigm and Bloomberg to reach international audiences. 

Oh, and the name? It comes from paper cups.. You know – the ones you used to put to your ears to speak to the kids in your neighbourhood, before Apple?

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Meet the Papercup crew

These faces belong to people who make things happen.

Jesse Shemen

CEO and co-founder

Successful CEO, failed NBA player.

Alexandra Torresquintero

ML Language Engineer (she/them)

The host for annual superlatives, has a badass haircut.

Craig Ferguson

Senior Software Engineer (he/him)

Squash player during the daytime, DJ at night.

Casas Del Aguila

Localisation Specialist Manager (she/her)

Breaks sound barrier on Segway to meet deadlines.

Tanya Sun

VP Operations

Always conscious of time during team stand-ups and meetings.

Daniel Lawrie (D Law)

Product Manager

Desk sign reads 'Yo' for his excessive use of the word.

Aslan Sissekenov

Head of Finance

Jokes that will make you SQueaL.


Pawject Manager


Careers at Papercup

Creating something that’s never existed before offers big rewards. Best of all – the chance to make your mark.

Join the team breaking down language barriers and enabling millions of people to watch content in their own language.

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Our office

Has views of the city and can be found here:

4th Floor
10 Alie Street
London, E1 8DE

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People in the office like watching The Office and refuse to function without coffee. Don’t be fooled by how nice they are; they’re more competitive than UFC champs.

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