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We’re expanding our team of video localization specialists to meet increased translation demands across many languages including English to Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and many more. We also need sharp video editors to help us with post production edits!

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Papercup is a pioneer in
AI-powered Dubbing.

Joining our community means you'll be working on exciting, varied content for big names such as Sky News, Canva, Papa John’s and Buzzfeed. Working at Papercup gives you access to consistently diverse localization specialists jobs across several clients and verticals. Working for a startup means you get personal treatment and support as well as the opportunity to learn from the best.

We’ve just raised a $20M Series A to expand our offering even further, and we're looking for excellent localization specialists to quality check and translate content alongside our state-of-the-art AI machine learning technology - and, video editors to help us with post production edits!

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About Papercup

The Papercup team is friendly, hard-working, and international, and we're proud of our sense of community. We hire experts and leaders in their fields to help us achieve our mission of shaking up the video localization market. Equally, we know being happy and comfortable in the workplace is just as necessary for results.

Our main office is in London but our freelancers work for us from all different locations around the world.

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Transparent Recruitment Process

Typical Responsibilities for localization specialists: 

- Available for 20+ hours per week
- Verifying the transcript – Checking the accuracy of the AI generated transcript from the source audio, including manually breaking down sentences and assigning speech to relevant speakers.
- Verifying the translation – Reviewing and modifying the AI-generated translations, including grammar, pronunciation, punctuation and the accurate inclusion of specific terminology to ensure consistency
- Verifying the expressivity – Ensuring the AI-generated translated output is as expressive as human speech by making manual changes to emphasize emotions, alter the speaking pace, and customize pronunciation.
- Translating any copy related to the localised video
- Work closely with our team to give feedback on our tool, our translations and our synthetic voices
- Make suggestions to our team for improvements to our tool

Typical Responsibilities for Video Editors:

- Available for 20+ hours per week
- Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro (or a similar video editing software) and After Effects
- Proven experience working as a video editor
- Fluent in written and spoken English
- Comfortable working with tight deadlines
- Self-motivated and able to engage well in a team environment
- Happy to work on multiple projects at the same time
- Experience working with graphics, captions and subtitles
- Knowledge of basic audio correction is a big plus

How does the process work?

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The final step will involve a short video interview

You will have hands-on support including onboarding, learn how to use our translation tool and get access to a variety of content to localize


Flexible working hours

Work from the comfort of your own home

Close-knit Papercup community

Support and growth opportunities

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Hear from the team:

"Having the chance to accommodate your schedule according to your own needs makes the whole task more enjoyable and easy to carry out."


Spanish Language Lead

"My highlight is being part of a company that constantly grows and improves. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us."


German Language Lead

"I enjoy working in a friendly and inclusive environment; with very interesting tasks and the autonomy in carrying on the tasks assigned."


Italian Language Lead