Engage with your global customers & employees

Improve customer and employee experience and grow a global audience with AI dubbing.


Get your teams up to speed quicker

Make sure everyone can easily consume your videos.


Lifelike AI voices for better engagement

Dub your video content with voices indistinguishable from the real thing.


Dub faster and more affordably

Dub 4x faster than traditional methods for up to 80% less.
Used by the world's biggest companies:
“Papercup’s AI platform has proven time and again that it delivers. It might be powered by AI, but it’s a full end-to-end dubbing service. They have a human-in-the-loop that oversees and adjusts everything the AI produces to make sure the translation is always high quality and the synthetic voices sound authentically human. I think the fact that we can now reach our customers consistently in their native language is powerful.”
Jason Virunurm, Content Lead, Pipedrive

How our enterprise customers use Papercup AI

Choose the right workflow

Upload your videos to our ‘on-demand’ AU dubbing platform, or work with our team to create a video dubbing schedule.

Videos dubbed and quality checked

Our AI works its magic - creating and generating super realistic audio. Then over to our translation team for amends and quality approval.

Distribute to the relevant audiences

Now you’re ready to engage your teams, train global staff or connect with global customers. It’s over to you for distribution on your channels.

Customer story: Fremantle

Papercup helped Fremantle get 27 million video views across Latin American and Middle Eastern markets.

Increased the value of top-tier content

De-risking further international expansion

18 million views in 7 months

Premium AI dubbing engine

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Perfected by expert translators

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Maximize video performance

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Post-production and video editing

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