The most realistic AI voices

Our cutting-edge technology creates AI voices that are indistinguishable from the real thing

How the AI dubbing engine works

Automated script translation

Our award-winning machine learning technology generates a script from videos you’ve already made and brings them to life in other languages quickly, accurately and without all the manual effort.

Ultra realistic AI voices

Localize your content with our library of over 100 curated voices, spanning the world’s most-spoken languages. We use data from real actors to produce AI voices so real that audiences can’t tell them apart from the real thing.

Maximum AI voice control

The AI voices used to dub your content are completely customizable. Our team of expert translators adjusts the speaker style, tone and pronunciation of the output audio, so that it matches the features of your brand and content.

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Why Papercup?

Increase revenue on videos

We dub your video content into languages that get you the best ROI.

Cost-effective content scaling

Say goodbye to DIY and let us help you meet the demands of global audiences.

Quality audiences are used to

Our AI voices match with your brand’s emotional context and style.
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