Increase your watch time

Boost views, engagement and earnings by speaking the language of your audience.

Dub videos as fast as you create them

Dub 4x faster than traditional dubbing for up to 80% less.

Your brand in other languages

Cutting-edge AI voices so real they sound like you and deliver the quality as good as the original.

Hear from our customers:

Tony Manfred, Head of Video, Insider

“By localizing our existing content with Papercup, we’ve been able to unlock a whole new, Spanish-speaking audience for our existing content. Not only has this hugely increase the value of our content, it means we know more about how people consume content which invaluable to future strategy.”

How our YouTube customers use Papercup:

Video localization strategy

You create videos, send them to us and a dedicated team devises (and manages) a dubbing strategy to grow your channel.

Videos dubbed and quality checked

Our AI works its magic – creating scripts and generating realistic audio. Then over to our translation for quality checking and approval.

Maximize video performance

In come our channel managers who upload the localized videos, analyze and optimize video performance and report back on global growth.

Customer story: Jamie Oliver

28X More Views

These are the videos dubbed by Papercup compared to videos with subtitling alone.

Why Papercup?

It’s the fastest, most affordable way to dub, with a human quality-check you can rely on

Papercup AI dubbing

Other AI voice providers

Traditional dubbing

High quality dubbing, checked by humans
Super realistic voices across the entire language offering
Fast turn around times
Affordable dubbing project costs
Simple to roll out, even for large volumes of video

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