AI dubbing with a human touch

Our award-winning AI does the heavy lifting and every word is checked by real translators to ensure premium quality.

What our expert translators do

99% translation accuracy

To give you full confidence in the quality of the dubbed audio, our team of expert translators checks every word for accuracy, all within rapid turnaround times.

Speech and tone customisation

To ensure the scalability of top quality content, our translation team can amend the translated script and change the tone, pronunciation and speaker style of the dubbed audio. No need to go back to the studio for edits.

Maintaining brand standards

To protect the globally recognizable brand you’ve worked hard to build, the translation team applies or creates branded glossaries which feed into a memory bank to ensure the utmost localization accuracy.

Why Papercup?

Increase revenue on videos

We dub your video content into languages that get you the best ROI.

Cost-effective content scaling

Say goodbye to DIY and let us help you meet the demands of global audiences.

Quality audiences are used to

Our AI voices match with your brand’s emotional context and style.
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