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We cover languages such as LatAm Spanish, French, Portuguese and German, plus many more, with input from English.

You can book a demo with us and localize your videos in English to other languages.

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Case studies and previous projects of global brands.

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Videos dubbed through Papercup get an increased average watch-time of up to 50% compared to their original versions in English!

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Global companies use Papercup

How it works


The AI automatically translates your video and generates a voice track in your language of choice.


Professional translators review every word, tone, and emotion to guarantee a realistic result. 


You receive a localized video in a matter of days with distribution support in your target market.

AI-powered video dubbing

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What Sky News say about us

"The overall average watch time and completion on our new Spanish Sky News channel is so far above and beyond what we had expected. That’s testament to the quality of the Papercup solution and how it has transformed into positive user behavior that shows us how they consume content.

We now can get more bang for our buck using our existing content. And translating to Spanish is only just the first step. And it doesn’t stop with news; it can expand to sports, entertainment and educational content."

Jonny Keogh

Audience Development
& Partnerships Manager


How does Papercup work?

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