YouTube’s multi-language audio tracks are a win for video owners

YouTube's multiple audio tracks feature will enable video owners to have dubbed versions of their videos on their core channel and it could be game changing.

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9 ways to increase discoverability on FAST platforms  

Discoverability is a key challenge for content owners and FAST platforms alike. Here are 9 ways to ensure audience will seek out your FAST content.

Gemma Sheehan

Everything you need to know about monetizing with YouTube’s multi- language audio feature

YouTube's multi-language feature is driving 15% of watch time from non-primary languages. Here's how the feature will affect monetization on the platform

Hannah Donovan

Here's what audiences are watching on FAST by region

What are audiences watching on FAST in EMEA, LATAM and APAC? Here are the top-performing genres by region.

Gemma Sheehan

Lip sync not a dubbing priority, Amazon study finds

Amazon's large-scale, data-driven study finds that human dubbing artists prioritize expressive, natural-sounding language over lip syncing.

Gemma Sheehan

HBO MAX has sold the rights to 21 European shows to SkyShowtime

SkyShowtime, the European steamer jointly-operated by Comcast and Paramount, has acquired the exclusive streaming rights to 21 local-language HBO max shows. 

Hannah Donovan

2022 – A look back at the year in streaming

The year in streaming – Netflix lost subscribers, streaming overtook linear in the US, SVODs without ad tiers became outliers and FAST continued to grow.

Hannah Donovan

Why Meta’s speech-to-speech translation ambitions are far from today’s reality

6 min read

The state of video advertising

4 min read

Disney+ overtakes Netflix: what the streamer is doing right

4 min read

Big Tech won 2020, but how was it for startups?

5 min read

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How to maximize success with a diversified FAST strategy (Part 3: The Future of FAST)

A breakdown of the global FAST market, diving into the considerations required in each region to produce a winning diversification strategy.

Gemma Sheehan

What the battle for discoverability means for content owners and distributors (Part 2: The Future of FAST)

Jostling among FAST services is set to significantly impact content owners/distributors, but addressing new platform needs can improve content ROI.

Gemma Sheehan

YouTube has added shorts to TV. What could this mean for FAST?

YouTube's integration of shorts continues the blurring of lines between screens big and small. Will FAST services look to program super short-form videos too?

Hannah Donovan

The evolution of FAST (Part 1: The Future of FAST)

The first in the series of our Future of FAST series – looking at the future of FAST in 2023 and beyond.

Gemma Sheehan

MIPCOM Cannes 2022: takeaways

FAST and AVOD was in the spotlight at MIPCOM 2022 and global expansion is high on FAST providers' agenda. Global content, then, is a focus for content owners.

Hannah Donovan

Is Disney+ growth sustainable?

Competition in the streaming on demand space is fierce. FAST is changing the market. It had a strong Q3, 2022, but how sustainable is Disney+ growth?

Hannah Donovan

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