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How Pipedrive reached global customers using existing English videos

Pipedrive had a vast library of video content for prospects and customers - from onboarding to product demos to training materials. But operating at a global scale meant that a lot of this audience were not English speakers. The team knew that they had to speak the same language as their audience, but ROI was the real concern. Aware that traditional studio dubbing could never scale to the extent of their large catalog, the Pipedrive team partnered with Papercup to automate the dubbing process using AI and synthetic voices. This has unlocked Pipedrive's global audience without new content creation.


Localizing existing videos at scale for a global audience

Pipedrive is an Estonian-founded unicorn company headquartered in New York, US. It's widely considered one of the easiest to use CRMs in the world, enabling sales teams at companies of all sizes. With this reputation to maintain, having self-sufficient customers is essential. This is why Pipedrive has built such a comprehensive library of educational content. Creating these resources in multiple languages while maintaining quality at a reasonable turnaround time and cost is almost impossible. The Pipedrive team needed to find an innovative way around traditional barriers to dubbing and voiceovers. They knew that there must be a technological solution out there, they just had to find one that delivered high quality translations at speed and without breaking the bank.


Letting AI & synthetic voices do the heavy lifting

Weighed down by human-intensive workflows, dubbing has historically been expensive and slow to produce. After researching alternative solutions with ROI in mind, Pipedrive adopted Papercup's AI platform and synthetic voices. Together, Pipedrive and Papercup have translated the existing English video catalog into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German in a matter of days, without sacrificing quality. The AI rapidly translates English audio into new languages that are brought to life by highly-realistic voices. Meanwhile, a human-in-the-loop uses their translation expertise to review and edit everything to a high standard. This relationship between technology and human touch has given Pipedrive the ROI it was looking for at the output its customers require.


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Hours of content translated into four languages in days, at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio-based methods

How we achieved this?


Gaining a clear understanding of Pipedrive's non-negotiable technical terms and dubbing preferences ahead of time


Automating translation and dubbing with realistic voices to offer quick turnarounds in multiple languages


Using human translation experts to ensure the AI has translated this technical content to a high standard


By localizing Pipedrive’s video content, more of their customers are able to become power-users in their native language

Watch the video below and listen to AI dubbing in action.

People retain 70% more information when a video is dubbed in their native language.

Pipedrive's global customers are now equipped with the resources they need to better retain key lessons and information, all without any new content creation or expensive translation. This has helped Pipedrive maintain its position as one of the world's most easy-to-use CRMs.

See what Pipedrive says about us

" We weren’t sure if an automated solution would work for our video localization because we have a lot of brand-specific and technical phrases that make translation difficult. But Papercup’s AI platform has proven time and again that it delivers. It might be powered by AI, but it’s a full end-to-end dubbing service. They have a human-in-the-loop that oversees and adjusts everything the AI produces to make sure the translation is always high quality and the synthetic voices sound authentically human.I think the fact that we can now reach our customers consistently in their native language is powerful.

It would have been quite unrealistic to have expected to localize our videos across four languages at this scale and speed if we’d decided to use a traditional dubbing studio. Papercup’s solution being a fraction of the cost of traditional methods means the ROI of our content is much higher as a result because we’re not actually creating any new content, but we’re seeing our views climb in all these new geographical markets."

Jason Vyrnam

Content Lead

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