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Gaining 100 million views for Insider, in just a few weeks

Forward-thinking digital media leader Insider, formerly Business Insider, was looking for a new, scalable way to reach more people across its digital platforms, so joined forces with Papercup. Using our fast, high quality automated dubbing technology, the news provider localized its existing video content for new audiences, and took a massive leap towards its target of reaching millions of people a day across its platform.


Increasing the revenue of existing video content

Insider started out as a finance and business news site in 2007 and quickly grew its digital following across the US. With the backing of German media giant Axel Springer, it now has a strong foothold in most English speaking territories. To expand the business globally, Insider needed a localization solution that was scalable, accessible and free from the limitations of traditional dubbing or subtitling. By reaching more people globally, the company could build its global presence and unlock the full potential of its existing content by increasing its ad revenue.


Scalable dubbing of English videos to Spanish, using AI

Insider already has a high-performing video catalogue in English and some international partners creating content in their native languages. However to grow content creation for other regions, it needed a way to accurately translate its existing English content into different languages at scale, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. Identifying Spanish-speaking viewers as an opportunity, Papercup’s AI-powered dubbing solution took the content Insider already had, and repurposed it for additional reach in the new target language.

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Gained 100 million+ views by distributing Papercup AI dubbed content

How we achieved this?


Translated Insider's existing, award-winning video content at scale


Set-up, management, and optimization of the new channel for native Spanish speakers


Distribution of content on YouTube and Facebook, with localized meta-data, thumbnails, and media descriptions


By dubbing highly engaging videos into Spanish, we saw videos go viral, amassing millions of views for BI in new territories.

As a news site, it was essential that Insider worked with a translation service that understood both the content and the intended audience. With a quality assurance team checking the translated output and by working closely with the BI team, we ensured that not only was content relevant, but perfectly accurate too.

So that Spanish-speaking followers never miss a beat, Papercup:

Delivers fast turnaround translation on time-sensitive news reports (with videos ready to be posted online in a few short hours)

Expanded the solution to cover a variety of video stories — bringing Insider’s high performing journalism to new parts of the world

See what Insider says about us

" The increase in views, watch time, and subscribers since we’ve been working with Papercup to automate the dubbing of our content has been astounding. We’re talking percentage increases in the 1000s in as little as three months. The compelling results mean we’re now testing the rollout of the solution across other social channels and languages.

By localizing our existing content with Papercup, we’ve been able to unlock a whole new, Spanish-speaking audience for our existing content. Not only has this hugely increased the value of our content, it means we know more about how people consume content which is invaluable to future strategy."

Tony Manfred

Head of Video

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