How to win the streaming land grab

Winning globally requires content optionality in the face of country- and platform-specific mandates.

Gemma Sheehan

Netflix announces plans for early 2023 advertising tier: what would good look like?

We’ve looked at some of the strongest players in the FAST and AVOD markets to consider how Netflix could make advertising work.

Gemma Sheehan

How to build an ROI model for your localized social media videos

We’ve put together this guide to setting up an ROI model to measure or prove the value of media localization.

Gemma Sheehan

How to get started distributing your content with FAST

There's never been a better time for FAST content distribution. Follow these steps to create your first FAST channel and monetize your content catalog.

Gemma Sheehan

Five ways to streamline your localization workflow

You’ve realized the opportunities and value of localization, implemented a pilot or larger-scale project, and things are ticking along nicely...

Gemma Sheehan

Why AVOD wins in Germany

German ad-supported platforms are on the come-up. Is your content ready to join them?

Gemma Sheehan

We've Raised a $20m Series A

Today we’re excited to announce our $20m in Series A financing. This takes our total to date to $30.5m, making us one of the most funded AI dubbing companies.

Amir Jirbandey

Five things for localization managers to consider in 2022

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be a localization manager. The streaming and content wars are well underway, and demand for translated content is up.

Gemma Sheehan

Move FAST or get left behind

If you’re looking to grow your FAST viewership or begin distributing your content, localizing for new languages and markets presents a great opportunity.

Gemma Sheehan

How Fender’s digital strategy keeps the guitar brand growing - and where they might look next

The iconic guitar brand has increasingly looked to digital markets to strengthen its sway over a new generation of music enthusiasts.

Gemma Sheehan

Nielsen’s State of Play report emphasises consumer experience as video streaming reaches a “tipping point”

Key takeaways from Nielsen’s ‘State of Play’ report on the explosion of streaming content and services.

Gemma Sheehan

Why Meta’s speech-to-speech translation ambitions are far from today’s reality

Here, we take a look at current possibilities in the world of technology-based translation - including what works well, what’s still forthcoming, and...

Gemma Sheehan

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