Verified by professional translators

After the speech in a video is translated and recreated in the target language, each new voice-over is quality assured by a team of native speakers.

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Extensive control over speech and tone

Our team of professional translators can make manual changes to the translation, adjust the speaker’s tone of voice, emphasize certain emotions, alter the speaking pace, and customize pronunciation.

Quality checked by experienced translators

Every video and voiceover is quality-checked by our team of professional translators. This involves verifying the accuracy of the translation, but it also includes applying local phrases and handling complex brand and technical terms.

Apply your own glossary

We’ll take your direction when it comes to technical terms, brand terms, and any glossary phrases that need to be applied to the translated content. If you have a memory bank or glossary we can apply them and if you don’t have one, we’ll build one for you to assure utmost accuracy in translation.

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