Next-gen Synthetic AI Voice Over

Papercup’s unique machine learning engine enables you to translate and create synthetic voices that are indistinguishable from the human voice.

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Machine learning & speech synthesis

Our state-of-the-art machine learning text-to-speech system translates voices into other languages. By combining market-leading research with our content translation product, we empower content owners to unlock the world of global audiences.

Human-sounding voices, made by AI

The synthetic voices that our system produces are extremely lifelike and even capture some of the nuances of the original speaker’s vocal traits. The new voice is controlled and adapted by our translation team to make it indistinguishable from a native speaker of that language.

A wide range of voices and styles

One of the key features of our patented speech synthesis solution is the range of voices and styles that we can generate. Our software gives you more control than ever before, meaning we can generate customized voices that suit each content creator or brand.

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