Do we sound pumped?

We’re pumped.

Are you pumped?

Who wouldn’t be, when the biggest event celebrating online video is about to kick off!?

Whether you’re a content creator, an industry professional or a fan of digital influencers, there is a great number of things you can do, learn and take away from VidCon, but how do you know you’re getting the most our of your VidCon experience? Team Papercup is here to be your fairy godmother and give you a few insider tips from years of attending VidCons so you don’t end up feeling like you could have seen and done more this year at VidCon LDN!

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1. Pick the right time to hop into the Exhibition Hall

The Expo Hall is the heart of the convention, but it can also turn into a raging, roaring mayhem filled with hyper teenage fans, so enter with caution and better yet as early in the morning of the first day as possible to avoid crowds. There you can find booths and brand activations from companies like Instagram, GoPro, Nickelodeon, etc. You will be able to engage with these brands through (sometimes) free merchandise, photos and exclusive experiences. The Expo Hall is large and chaotic, but if you avoid the crowds, it can turn into a fun experience!

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2. Creators and Industry folk- use the Brella app!

This one is pretty explanatory and quite well advertised, yet I’m still surprised at the low numbers of Creator and Industry track attendees taking advantage of this very powerful networking tool. I mean, let’s be real, what’s the main purpose most Creator and Industry attendees take part in VidCon- free food (duh!). But seriously, it’s networking. VidCon has evolved into the biggest networking event in the industry, so take advantage of all the resources it has to offer, especially when they are as easy-to-use and powerful as Brella. It lets you view the event schedule, who is attending, and book 1-to-1 meetings with your best matches.

3. Creators- don’t forget you have access to the Industry Track too!

Over the years VidCon organisers have developed a schedule that tries to keep industry professionals as far away from the screaming YouTube fans as possible. That’s why Industry Track panels and events take place on Thursday and Friday, whereas the Community Track activities happen on Saturday and Sunday. The Creator Track events conveniently sit right in the middle of these two tracks where anyone with a Creator ticket can attend Industry Track workshops and panels starting from 12.30PM on Friday. Take advantage of this opportunity to not only mingle with the industry professionals but also learn a bunch about the current state of online video from the creme de la creme of Industry speakers.

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4. Papercup is running a prize draw, which you would be foolish not to participate in!

You read that right, to celebrate the new and exciting trends of video creation we’re running a giveaway where 1 lucky winner will leave VidCon with a DJI Mavic Mini Drone in their hands (seriously, this drone is so tiny and cute, it fits in your palm!). All you have to do is head over to our website and follow the giveaway instructions on the home page


Don’t forget to say hi to the Papercup team! We’ll be roaming around the Industry and Creator Tracks. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for our exact whereabouts on the day :D

Let’s smash it at VidCon LDN 2020!