Ahead of losing 2m subscribers Netflix looks at ad-supported streaming to claw back new users

Off the back of slowed growth at the end of 2021, Netflix announced yesterday their first loss in subscribers for ten years. What does the future hold?

Gemma Sheehan

Online student demographics are changing too quickly for education platforms

In a world where anyone can work from anywhere, people across the globe are flocking to online education platforms to build critical skills.

Kit McKay

5 examples of AI disrupting the film and television industry

From Netflix’s personalized thumbnails to deepfake Luke Skywalker, AI and machine learning are changing the way the film and television industry operates.

Amir Jirbandey

How to run a localization pilot for customer video content

Want to localize your training and onboarding videos for international customers? Learn how to run a localization pilot before you go all-in.

Kit McKay

Why is Netflix struggling to grow in India?

As Netflix's subscriber growth trails behind its competitors in India, the executive team express their frustration and hope for the region

Kit McKay

When to say "no" to content localization

Get ahead of the most common localization mistakes before they become your reality

Kit McKay

Everything you need to know about the global translator shortage

Translation orders are expected to be backlogged for the next 2-3 years. What's causing this? And what's the solution?

Kit McKay

How Netflix produces local-to-global viral hits like Squid Game

Netflix is set to gain $900 million from Squid Game, the result of an aggressive localization strategy unlike any other...

Kit McKay

Why video content is the key to reaching employees around the world

Amir Jirbandey, head of growth at Papercup, on how video content can improve employee communications and enhance the training experience for employees...

Amir Jirbandey

Q&A with Jesse Shemen, Papercup CEO and co-founder on future of synthetic media

Jesse Shemen, Papercup CEO and co-founder, on why he founded the company, how the AI dubbing platform is helping companies go global and why he loves his job...

Hannah Donovan

The media companies growing their global presence with dubbed video on Snapchat in Latin America

We take a look at the media companies that are localizing video content for Snapchat to test growth abroad with minimal risk and operational complexity...

Hannah Donovan

How much does quality matter when dubbing video content for global audiences?

We impart what we know about the quality customers expect based on our experience of dubbing content for Sky, BBC and Business Insider, plus our own research...

Hannah Donovan

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