Podcast: How and why global companies localize and the challenges they face?

A podcast on goals, trends and challenges of localizing for a global company with guests Elena Bersadschi, formerly Deliveroo, and Emily Dillon of Snow Peak...

Hannah Donovan

The essential elements of a successful localization strategy

We lay out a framework for building a localization strategy set up for success, starting with agreeing on the business goals through to success measuring..

Hannah Donovan

Why media and advertizing companies are making Latin America a priority

The surge in popularity of free ad-supported TV confirms viewers’ willingness to access content for free in exchange for watching ads...

Hannah Donovan

Should the onus be on journalists to ensure that their work performs?

From converting subscriptions to driving page views, we look at whether making journalists responsible for the success of their work is the way to go...

Hannah Donovan

Localized content is a growth driver for media companies

We take a look at five media companies and their approach to localization to ascertain whether they regard localized content as a key driver of growth...

Hannah Donovan

What is a localization strategy? And when to implement one.

What is localization and why do it? How to know if it's time to localize? How to approach localization for different content types? Questions: answered...

Hannah Donovan

Best practices for defining your audience before localizing video content

When localizing content for other markets, relevance is key. 65% of people prefer to consume content in their own language, even if it’s poor quality...

Hannah Donovan

Localization – the key to improving employee engagement and reducing staff turnover

Localization is essential to improving companies' engagement rates which results in higher productivity and is linked to 21% higher profitability...

Hannah Donovan

The status of English language dominance in 2021 (and beyond)

We talk to four experts – spanning academia, sport, international business – who tell us about the shifting prominence and presence of English in their field...

Hannah Donovan

Why eLearners across the globe are focused on self-improvement

Education providers have seen a spike in registrations for soft skills and general interest topics. Beyond the obvious surplus of time, the question is why?...

Hannah Donovan

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are booming but are they here to stay?

Massive open online courses have experienced a resurgence during the pandemic, but will they change the face of the traditional education system long-term?...

Hannah Donovan

Webinar takeaways: a guide to going global with existing content

Join Margarita Letitchevski, Papercup's Head of Creator Community, to discuss how to go global with your existing content by localizing it...

Margarita Letitchevski

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