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Our self-service dubbing tool generates synthetic voices that sound human, so media companies and creators can rapidly and affordably add multiple language audio to their YouTube channels.

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Multi-language audio tracks feature

How YouTube's multi-language (MLA) feature works

  • Dub your videos into relevant languages 
  • Upload the new audio tracks to the YouTube Studio
  • The new language track is added to your existing video
  • Audiences can choose to watch videos in their language on your main channel

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How AI dubbing works for MLA


Join the waiting list for the self-service dubbing platform.


When access is granted, upload videos to the platform.


The AI platform generates new language tracks the same length as the original.


Upload the new language tracks to YouTube.

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Creators using multi-language dubbed videos saw over 15% of their watch time coming from views in the video’s non-primary language.

On average, viewers watched over 2 million hours of dubbed video daily in Jan '23 alone.

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