The essential guide to build, grow and monetize your video content

How to grow your channel and supercharge the commercial value of existing and new content.

Based on our extensive work with successful content creators across the globe – from Youtube sensations Yoga With Adriene, How To Cake It, and Moriah Elizabeth, to global media companies like Discovery and Sky – this eBook is a comprehensive guide to optimizing your video content and creating a regular income doing what you love.

Inside we give you a snapshot of the industry, including how the highest earners on YouTube make their money; the key challenges faced by content creators and how to overcome them effortlessly, plus the best ways to measure success.


  • The key channel improvements essential to a successful content career  
  • The key metrics for measuring success
  • The best tools for maximising output with limited resources
  • The most lucrative monetization methods – from AdSense to merchandize

Walk away with

  • Tools and tips for planning and rolling out content regularly
  • A 12-month, step-by-step monetization checklist
  • How to avoid copyright claims and deal with them if they happen 


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