How to Build a Winning Video Localization Strategy

Localization is a great way to get more value from your existing content while increasing your global reach. However, when starting on a localization project, establishing a detailed strategy is vital to improve engagement with your customers and deliver high quality content.

This guide looks at best practices for people who want to build a localization strategy from scratch or who want to be more meticulous with how they approach their existing localization.

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Here are the five chapters to build strong localization strategies in today’s challenging landscape:

  1. The best timing to consider video localization
  2. The best timing to consider video localization
  3. Segmenting your audience to deliver the right content
  4. How to run a test for localizing your video
  5. Video localization KPI and ROI models
  6. Streamlining your localization workflow

Walk away with

  • Five key steps to run your next localization projects successfully
  • A robust and strategic scope on localizing videos with tangible results for your company
  • Localize your videos for new markets, increasing the value of your initial investment efficiently

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This guide helps you establish a detailed strategy for video localization to increase your ROI, reduce the risk of failure and improve your chances of stakeholder buy-in.

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