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Automate the translation of your voice to reach a global audience and earn more doing what you love.

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Epic History TV

"Papercup has helped our educational content to reach a new audience, and best of all, they take care of everything."

Sky News

"We now can get more bang for our buck using existing content. And translating to Spanish is only just the first step."

Chain Bear

"Papercup has allowed me to effortlessly bring my content to new international audiences."

Nick Smith NBA

"Working with Papercup is a no-brainer. I wasn't expecting my new channel to grow so fast."


Get more views

Reach new audiences by easily translating your content.

More time to create

AI that transcribes, localizes and creates new voiceover for existing content in days

Quality voiceover

State-of-the-art AI produces human-sounding voiceover in new languages, with no scary costs.

Yoga with Adriene


How it works

Based on your content strategy, we automatically pull your chosen video from your existing channel

Our AI engine translates your speech into another language

Our team of native speakers verifies the translation quality

We deliver your translations and, if you want, manage and grow your new channel

They trust us

DIY Creators
Yoga with Adriene
Nick Smith NBA
The Great War

Grow your YouTube channel and earn more without any upfront costs or time investment. Let our AI engine and dedicated team make your voice travel.

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