Research Report

Trends and challenges of video and content localization

How to grow your channel and supercharge the commercial value of existing and new content.

This report investigates global companies’ methods for reaching new audiences in new territories in order to build a picture of the importance of localization across a variety of segments.

As well as looking at the effect of localization on business growth, the report delves into different industries’ approaches to managing localization – including their objectives, challenges and the formats and approaches that yield the best results. The data is brought to life with case studies authored by well known companies including Deliveroo, Sky and Japanese outdoor gear brand, Snow Peak.

Use this report to:

  • Implement a localization strategy 
  • Optimize your current localization strategy
  • Gain a better understanding of how different types of content are treated by successful global companies to maximize budgets

Walk away with

  • Insights into how well-known companies approach localization
  • Key business problems that companies are solving with localization
  • The metrics that companies are focused on moving with localization

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