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Bringing Fremantle’s most successful content to new global audiences

Fremantle is a world-leader in creating, producing and distributing content across entertainment, drama and film and documentaries. It owns the rights to a plethora of content with global appeal. However, some of its top-performing content was locked in English which limited its potential reach. The volume of content that Fremantle produces means that any localization strategy has to be scalable and replicable across its verticals. Papercup AI dubbing offers Fremantle a cost-effective, time-saving way to unlock more value from its top-tier content by delivering it to audiences in their native languages.

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How Fremantle uses AI dubbing

1. Increasing the value of top-tier content 

The Papercup/Fremantle partnership is currently two-pronged. Firstly, Idols, Got Talent, and The X Factor is evergreen content that performs consistently well for the media provider. Fremantle’s YouTube channel showed that this content gained traction with Spanish-speakers, so the partnership with Papercup set out to leverage it by creating a dedicated Spanish-language YouTube channel: Los Mejores Talentos En Español

2. De-risking further international expansion 

Los Mejores Talentos En Español (The Best of Talents), the Spanish-speaking YouTube channel, performed extremely well, so Fremantle looked to replicate its success by localizing the content for Arabic-speaking regions in which the English version showed traction. Rather than invest heavily in building audiences in the region right out of the gate, Fremantle is piloting its content first using AI dubbing.

Dubbed using Papercup, this Los Mejores Talentos En Español video gained 5.5 million views in 10 months
The Result

18 million views in 7 months

The brand new Los Mejores Talentos En Español has amassed 18 million views in seven months. By AI dubbing its top-tier content, Fremantle has been able to populate an entirely new channel without incurring the costs or being held back by the turnaround times of studio dubbing. 

In doing so, Fremantle has built a strong Spanish-speaking audience in record time and unlocked an entirely new revenue stream for existing top-performing content. The same content in Arabic is proving what Fremantle thought – there’s a market for this type of content in Arabic-speaking regions. 

The real win for Fremantle is that there was no need to integrate complicated localization workflows or secure hefty budgets in order to validate key proof points about where and how to grow globally.

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What Fremantle says about us

“Our talent shows are loved by audiences all over the world, and we are delighted that this partnership with Papercup will allow us to bring our content to even more fans. With over 216m YouTube subscribers and 182bn views, Fremantle has an incredible track record in building engaged audiences, and we are excited to see how Talent World will grow.

Robert Cocker

Head of Social and Digital Platforms