Localize your corporate training videos using AI

Increase your employee engagement by speaking their local language. Translate, voiceover and localize your employee training and internal comms videos at scale

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Unlock more value from your content by localizing your:

Employee training

Improve engagement by speaking to global teams in their languages

Employee onboarding

Retain talent by speaking their language from the start

Internal communication

Be a global company with a local touch


People remember 70% more information when they watch dubbed content in their own language, compared to content that hasn't been localized at all!

So when it comes to employee training and compliance, information retention is absolutely key. Whether you are onboarding new employees or providing new forms of training for your existing workforce, make sure you're speaking their language, rather than just pushing content in English. In a recent study, we have found that people can retain 70% more information when watching videos in their native tongue and 40% more information than subtitling alone. An engaged workforce means better productivity and higher overall output for the whole organization.

Build an engaged workforce

Speak the language of your audience

Increase content ROI

Maximize the value of existing content by automating translation.

Make training a success

Increase retention, productivity and engagement by localizing.

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Tap into new audiences you could never access before. Monetise your existing and future content in new markets through a new cost-effective and scalable solution

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